Saturday, 21 November 2015

Best photo editor app - Fantasia Painter

Explore your creativity through Fantasia

Today guys I am going to introduce the best photo editor app for windows phone. It is Windows pride editor. Exclusive for windows phone. I have used many similar apps but I found fantasia the most useful and simplest.

It has many features that too in simple tile format. There are many default filters you can apply. We can customize each filters.

But the great thing about fantasia is here creativity matters...

We can transform any simple photographs that was captured using our mobile camera into a graphical magic...
We can draw, paint, colour, and create our own images according to our taste. The brush tool is a great option for this.

We can transform our selfies into gorgeous ones using the effects and other features.

If you want more than simply applying default effects go for fantasia. I am sure guys it will surely take a regular seat in your smartphone.

Almost every thing is customizable in fantasia. Let me point out some great features.

You have these options here:

1. To create a new image or edit an existing one.
2. Different types of brushes ( fur, sketch, smudge,etc) along with other makeup tools.
3. Colourize your images with a particular colour.
4. Darken using dark dream
5. Bloat and shrink using sculpt
6. Recolor
7. Soft colour
8. Select colour
9. Apply shadow or light film
10. Custom Text and symbols.
11. Several beauty customizations
12. Apply stickers and tattoos..
13. Several vintage effects
14. Change background...
15. Clone images
16. Merge images
17. Apply borders
18. Make collages
19. Dramatic effects
20. Gradient blend
21. Light effects
22. Grunge, porta, impress effects
23. C41 cross processing
24. Crop, rotate, scale, straighten,etc
25. Auto colour balance
26. Life like colours
27. Brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma
28. White point fix
29. Stimulated HDR
30. Red eyes fix and coloured eyes
31. RGB balance
32. Lab natural colour balance
33. Blur images
34. Sharpen images
35. Ridge effects
36. Special gradient map
37. Lomography
38. Water colour
39. Gentle painter
40. Glow
41. Page curl
42. Old photo effect
43. Tilt/shift
44. Pencil sketch
45. Fuzz , comic, oil protrait
46. Stencil/threshold
47. Neon, negative , woven, solarize, emboss effects
48. Mirror, pixelate , zoom motion
49. Fast motion, tile, fish eye
50. Portal, splinter, under water, wave ripples, swirl , etc

Many many more....

Look at this... more than 50 customizable tools....
Any other editing app provide these..??? Yes... That's why I recommend FANTASIA...

Sorry androiders... Only for windows phone...

We have many other photo editing apps like PICSART, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS, LUMIA SELFIE, PHOTOFUNIA, etc....

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