Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Why Cortana better than Siri and Google now?

You may already installed Cortana on your devices.

 It's the most useful personal assistant. She can do many wonderful things. Cortana can sing and answer to personal questions. Guys she is a great relief from boredom. She can do everything that Siri can do. She can open apps, set alarm, set remainders, play music, call, text, mail, and other normal functions. Take a look @ these screen shots...

    Let me tell you what makes Cortana unique.

1. I already told you she can make you happy 😊.
2. She sings well.
3. She can set remainders based on locations.
4. Can provide you the precise routes.
5. She understands your favourite music and play it.
6. Weather is almost accurate.
7. She calls you by your name....😍
8. She works offline too
9. Your interests are saved.
10. She supports voice commands of third party apps.
Finally She Loves You... She care you... And many more advantages....

One and only truly personal assistant CORTANA.... 😊

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