Friday, 13 November 2015

How Cortana throw away our Boredom...?

Hi windows phone lovers,

I have already posted about what makes Cortana Unique...

               Today I am going to introduce you some time passing funny experiences with Cortana. Some questions and her replies.

You can ask her:

1. Tell me a joke - she will decently give you a joke.

2. Sing me a song - she sings....

3. Who is your father? - she says that technically that is Bill Gates.

4. Who is the president of USA? -she gives you details.

5. Do you like Diwali? - she explains why she like it.

6. Remind me to call dad when I leave home - she set a remainder and informed me in correct time.

7. Who is better Siri or Cortana? - she replied that both are pretty clever.

8. Who is Siri? - a competitive assistant..!

9. What song is playing - wow! She determined the song...

10. Do you love me? - she need more time to reply to my proposal ...!

11. Do you know Clippy?

12. Say something funny - another set of jokes.

13. Tell me a story- meaningful lines...

14. What do you do for Diwali? -light up diyas...

15. How old are you?

And many many more....

Friend make use of your personal assistant. She is such a good companion.

Hats off Microsoft....

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