Tuesday, 10 November 2015

What makes Here Maps and Here Drive unique?


The navigation apps that makes android users jealous. I have never used such an accurate and precise mapping application that is absolutely OFFLINE...

      It will give you offline voice commands too... Hmm... Sounds good haaa... Perfect for car  users. I have gone many interesting trips without knowing the actual path. My phone helped me to explore the unknown.

      It gives your current SPEED, DIRECTION, TIME REMAINING, SHORT CUTS, etc in 3D view along with comments that too in truly OFFLINE mode... No need to waste your precious MBs...

          If online it will provide you Traffic information, nearest hotels,pumps,hospitals,workshops,etc...

      Only one download.... Forget worries about navigation... Look at these screen shots ... Just give it a try... Else you are going to miss a huge advantage of Windows phone.

     You can get it here.... :)

here maps view
here drive
getting direction

settings of here drive
settings of here drive

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